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Take off! The first ever John Doe Invest idea voting has taken place – now all of us are poised to get the selected ideas from the drawing board and into real life products and services.

What exactly have we been up to? To get things started and getting everyone used to the model, Macs and myself posted 25 ideas on a board – think post-it notes. Each idea got its own short verbal presentation and then everyone voted 1, 2, 3 or 4 – higher is better.

Each idea was also mapped into a category – we don’t want to do just gaming or just social – we want to keep an even spread of ideas and projects to keep things interesting.

Then we placed the ideas based on a board with one axis denoting the value and one effort, nothing new but quite effective.

Some food and drinks afterwards marked the end of a good day – I cannot wait until the next time when I know that our skilled colleagues will have written down ideas and real life observations of their own.

At at JDI, even that simple everyday observation is allowed room to grow and be developed. Because that observation, when bounced around our table of talents, might just turn into an amazing concept or complete business.

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