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Stefan Olsson


Swedish, self-taught developer and entrepreneur born in 1973, with 25 years of experience designing software solutions for a wide range of applications. Has been known to say “Strange that no-one else has run into this problem before…” which I see as proof of always pushing boundaries.

Macs Moser


Swedish, professional, digital content creator born in 1976, with over 23 years of experience working in graphic design, photography, video editing, game development, UX/UI design, music production, 3D/VFX and much more. And of course I’m an all around good guy… ish.

Karim El Chenawi


Swedish, physicist (PhD) and cyber and information security specialist, born 1968, with 12 years of experience from the online gaming industry protecting companies, people and data from the bad guys. A techie with a keen eye for detail striving for simplicity. Has no trouble keeping a playful mind with a newborn and a dog in tow.

Zandra Andersson


Swedish, social media marketer with a degree in Criminology born in 1993. Doing stuff for the love of it rather than the sake of it, thinking everything is always an experience to learn from. Which so far has lead me to dipping my toes in digital marketing within the online gaming sphere as well as communications for the municipality in Malmö.

Max Dahl


Born in Sweden 1989, I got interested in web development early in my teens when I noticed one could use ASCII characters and iframes to create websites. Today I’m interested in javascript and the possibilites of Node.js, among alot of other things. I would describe myself as a “multipotentialite”, and because of that spends alot of my free time trying to learn new things.

Henrik Olsson


Swedish, student and self-taught developer born in 1997, with 5 years of creating published software. I will probably ask you “is that really necessary for what you are building?” and if it’s not I’ll throw it out.

Christoffer Tell


Swedish, accountant born 1987, with over 10 years experience in governance and administration. Claims that excel can solve almost everything.

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