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We can now proudly present Stacky’s – one of the smartest and most tasty product in years. Created for you who want hassle-free, healthy and flavour-packed food, yet have full control over what you put in your mouth.

The passed two years has been all about building an experienced team in the AgentVegan company while at the same time creating a the right product.

The moment you see a plate of food your mind instantly tells you how it’s expected to taste. If the food doesn’t meet those expectations, you end up disappointed. This brings us to the question – is the struggle to obtain meat replication perfection really the right strategy in our efforts to eat more plant based food?

With Stacky’s we have created a brand that goes down a completely different path. We believe a focus on flavour, a short ingredients list and high nutrition values are a much better approach. Simply great tasting food!


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