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We can now proudly present Stacky’s – one of the smartest and most tasty product in years. Created for you who want hassle-free, healthy and flavour-packed food, yet have full control over what you put in your mouth.

The passed two years has been all about building an experienced team in the AgentVegan company while at the same time creating a the right product.

The moment you see a plate of food your mind instantly tells you how it’s expected to taste. If the food doesn’t meet those expectations, you end up disappointed. This brings us to the question – is the struggle to obtain meat replication perfection really the right strategy in our efforts to eat more plant based food?

With Stacky’s we have created a brand that goes down a completely different path. We believe a focus on flavour, a short ingredients list and high nutrition values are a much better approach. Simply great tasting food!



AgentVegan is on a mission to provide the products and services needed to make it easier for every person on the planet to live a modern, sustainable life. Regardless of whether you live in a tiny village or in a pulsating city.

Say goodbye to cooking several meals for dinner to get the kids to eat. No more last-minute fixes when you’re having that multi-intolerant friend over. And less time spent on figuring out what’s for dinner this week. AgentVegan provides you with a collection of chef-made recipes to simplify your everyday life and inspires you to a modern and sustainable life. Transparency is key, which is why each recipe comes with nutrients and climate impact specified. Each recipe is showcased in The Show, with a new recipe available once a week. 

Furthermore, the AgentVegan online shop gives people access to products that might otherwise be hard to find or simply too expensive because of low demand. AgentVegan is the one-stop-shop for the modern, enlightened human.




har du problem?

Just like you can access a doctor’s expertise through video chats in your mobile, we’ve now gathered several professionals from different industries for you to access all in one place. Instead of turning to Google for help or waiting for a friend, who might not even be the right person to ask, to get back to you…our professionals are available for you immediately when you need their help and expertise.

People all over the world are growing accustomed to video chats, if not before 2020 then during this very remotely run year.. Problems and challenges are something we all bump into from time to time, no matter the place you are.

With our ever-growing knowledge base and professional expertise across a wide range of industries, is the online service to help you with these issues directly over the phone.


Show me your work

Nothing is more detrimental to an organization than not being able to see and follow progress.

Recognize this? Someone identifies a need for a new feature. The requestor spends a lot of time specifying this new feature. The task is handed over to development for implementation. It gets implemented, passes all the tests and QA. But the requestor is unable to see the result until a very late stage – at which point he or she sees that the request has been misinterpreted… In many cases the requestor also gets frustrated because he or she does not feel that “anything is happening”.

If you are a small startup with everyone on site – this is not a big issue. You simply walk over to your colleague for an update. But once you grow beyond that point or if you, like us at John Doe Invest, work from home most of the time – it becomes an issue.

We’re not claiming to have invented sliced bread here. After running several businesses – where this challenge was never solved properly – we decided to solve this first before launching products and services; get it right to begin with ™. Find out more about Show me your work here



Ellimacs SFX  brings you easy to follow special fx makeup tutorials using basic makeup and stuff you find around your house. Ellimacs aims to develop cost efficient and approachable methods for you to create amazing looks for cosplay, movie productions, Halloween or just for fun. Since starting out in 2014 Ellimacs have been creating detailed tutorials and built a solid following around DIY on several social media platforms, with 1 million+ subscribers on YouTube, +330K followers on Instagram and an additional 100K on Facebook

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