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Meet Michael!

Michael Åman JDI0

Last year Michael Åman joined the John Doe Invest team, things moved quickly and the months passed… But now we’ve twisted his arm long enough for him to tell us a bit more about himself!

Name, well we know that but any nick name perhaps?
Some people call me Amman for some reason but most common is Micke / Mike.

Tell us a bit about your previous experiences, any highlights or milestones you consider has shaped you in any way or form, good or bad? 
One definite highlight was when I worked at Framtidsfabriken (framfab) 1998-2002. It was truly a sense of going where no-one had gone before. My second job and straight into designing for Volvo Cars at first and then working with IKEA:s first site ever. Cool stuff. And every friday there was free beer in the sofas at the office!

What do you do at John Doe Invest? …Each day might look different but something for the curious ones! 
Work a lot from home and create contemporary design from both a UI and UX perspective. Have regular status meetings at cafes in Malmö. Work in the studio with photography as I’m part of the film-team for AgentVegans YouTube channel.

What’s it like working with John Doe Invest?  
Since we don’t sit together as much as other workplaces do it’s important to be communicative (in for example Slack) and be used to independent work. Our working tasks are usually highly creative. Since we are so few, you can have a huge impact on projects.

And what do you get up to when you’re not working?
I train taekwondo and go to the gym. I may walk around with my camera taking pictures. Watch a lot of movies and listen to music. I have my 13 year old son every other week and try to do fun things with him. Loves to travel and does so when possible.

Lastly, 5 quick ones!

Whats the first thing that comes to your mind in the morning…
Coffee maybe?

Staying in or going out?
Can I do both?

What would you rather be World Champion in?
E-sport! CSGO for example.

Something not a lot of people know about you…
I used to be good at playing shooter games online.

And a last fun fact about yourself…
I lived in Paris for two years. One night I stood in the same queue to a club as Jack Nicholson. He got in and not me. How unfortunate and strange…

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Michael Åman JDI