Far from average - close to perfect

Our mission

If it already exists and is good,
we take it upon ourselves to improve it.
If it doesn't exist, we will invent it.

This applies to services, concepts,
brands, products, mindsets or what ever
the world throws at us.

It's in our DNA and history to reinvent
or create whole industries.

Current focus

The development and expansion of the Stacky's brand, product line and services is well underway.

Stacky's is smarter food transforming our consumption behaviour and what we all should expect from modern food

Meet the minds

Stefan Olsson

Founder/Business strategy

The technician who went head first into the casino world and changed the gaming industry. Improving and changing things are his driving forces.

Henrik Olsson

Software Developer

With a "Do it right from the get-go" mindset he is the constant problem solver and curious mind behind the tech we are all relying on daily.

Zandra Andersson


Our behavioural strategist and communications ace. A curious mind mixed with a solid sense of order.

Macs Moser

Founder/Brand & concepts

The jack of all trades, a multi-artist extraordinaire who among other things created CDON with Stefan and also has created and produced one of Sweden's biggest YouTube-channels.

Let's talk

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